Entrepreneurship Freedom Summit

One of the most popular majors for veterans and military spouses at Sierra College is Business. Nationwide, veterans comprise 6% of the population but represent 13% of small business owners. In addition, 48% of military spouses own a small business.

On June 30, Sierra College will sponsor the 2018 Veteran & Military Spouse Entrepreneurship Freedom Summit. The keynote speaker is Stephanie Brown, CEO of the Rosie Network, which provides no-cost training, resources, and mentorship for military family enterprises.

Among the summit’s guests and presenters are military veterans:

  • Jim Wong, Chairman of REBOOT
  • Joe Molina, President of the National Veterans Chamber of Commerce
  • Mike McGrane, lending director for Veteran Launch, non-profit helping veterans secure funding for their small business.

The summit will provide networking opportunities, exhibitors, and these interactive workshops: starting a business using the Adobe Kickbox method and Hacker Lab; the gig economy and 21st-century skills; franchising; and funding for veterans business.
Topics for “meet the experts” sessions include; teamwork and taxes, marketing and social media, legal aspects of the small business, entrepreneur internships and the business coach program, accounting, and intellectual property.

The all-day program will culminate in a competition for the best pitch of a business proposal among four finalists chosen by judges, and the top prize of $10,000, with $2,000 awarded to each of the other finalists.

For those interested in submitting a video for the pitch competition, the deadline is June 15. For the event, it is June 22 – that is limited to 500 veterans and spouses. To sign up or learn more, go to; http//:http://www.vetucation.org.

Sierra College is offering business startup resources for veterans explained Denise Bushnell, Business Professor, Sierra College. “Veterans and their spouses have a measure of maturity and discipline not often seen in traditional students,” said Bushnell. “They seem well-suited to running a small business.”

They can earn an entrepreneur certificate in 18 months and can take all of the required courses online. That’s attractive to vets who are juggling work, college, and family.

To promote Entrepreneurship, Sierra College offers classes in entrepreneurship and encourages students to develop prototypes at Hacker Lab powered by Sierra College. Once students complete their certificate, they have a dedicated support system of business/entrepreneur mentors that they remain in contact with to keep them on track for success.

“Vets can take their interests and turn them into a business,” said Bushnell. ”They can earn an entrepreneur certificate in 18 months and can take all of the required courses online,” she added. “That’s attractive to vets who are juggling work, college, and family.”

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